You don't have to join NAMI to take part in NAMI events or benefit from its services, but joining NAMI can be a good way to help support the important work NAMI does.

The NAMI organization operates on National, State, and Local levels, so when you join NAMI, you are joining on all levels. We rely on the national and state infrastructure and resources, just like we rely on your donations and volunteer efforts on a local level.

We encourage you to join the NAMI organization to help support NAMI's mission locally and across the United States. The annual membership costs $60 for a family, $40 for an individual, or $5 if $40 doesn't make sense for your budget.

Click Join NAMI and you'll be taken to the national NAMI membership page. Be sure to select NAMI Northeast Iowa if you'd like to be a member of our local affiliate.